Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mystery Crazy Critters

Mystery Crazy Critters

Here is a really fun drawing activity to include the whole group or just 2 people!! You will never know what you have created until the very end!!

All you need is a piece of paper folded into 4 equal parts, some colourful markers and your creative imagination!!

The first person is to draw a head onto the top quarter of the folded paper leaving little marks on the 2nd section from the bottom of the neck

 Now fold the head under (so no-one can see it) and pass it onto the next person

The second person is now to draw the body of the creature from the neck to the legs

Make sure they leave little marks onto the 3rd section as guide lines for the legs, then fold the body under again so no-one can see what was drawn!!

The third person follows the above steps but draws the legs leaving marks so the last person can draw the shoes/feet!!

Now the lucky last person can finish off the creature with the feet before all can be revealed!!

How delightful are these crazy are these Critters!!
(My daughter and I kept swapping between each other after we drew a section!!)

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Decorated Easter Biscuits!!

Decorated Easter Biscuits!!
These were so easy, quick, fun and YUM to make!!

Serena had a friend over so we got into the Easter spirit!!

All you need is Milk Arrowroot biscuits, premade drawing/decorating icing, sprinkles and some cake decoration. (We used premade icing flower, eatables silver pearls, little chocolate hearts and I had left over sparkles and drawing icing)

I just laid everything out and the girls went for it!!

Aren’t the results amazing, they look so good!!

This one Serena made into the Easter Bunny


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lap Table

Lap Table
This is a quirky little table to use on your lap. Our daughter likes to write and draw while sitting on the lounge so this is going to be perfect for her!!

I bought a very cheap cushion and photo frame, you also need an unpicker, needle and thread and maybe a dob of glue

In the first step you need to unpick one seam on the cushion (as this one didn’t have a zipper!!)

Empty the stuffing from the cushion

Now take the back off the photo frame

And remove the glass. I didn’t use the glass as I was afraid it might break down the track. You could use it or replace it with Perspex if you wanted to.

I placed the heavy cardboard photo frame backing into the empty cushion

Now line the frame backing (inside the cushion) and the front of the frame (on the outside of the cushion) to the centre.

Poke the photo frames little lugs through the material of the cushion

If the material is thick you might need to cut a slight slit with the unpicker

Now fold the little lugs over onto the frame backing board so it’s firmly in place

I blobbed a dab of glue over the lugs so the material will less likely tear

Once the glue was dry I restuffed it

Now all that needs to be done is to resew it up!!


How useful will this be now, all for only $7!!


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Element Spell Bottles

Element Spell Bottles

These are cute little element spell bottles for your little nature lover that believes in fantasies and spells!!
They are very cute and easy to make

All you need is some small bottles (found at bargain stores), Paint, syringes (chemist sell these) and some straws

Our first step was to ‘lengthen’ the syringes. We cut a length off the straw and taped it onto the nozzle of the syringes

Now we were ready to start colouring the bottles!!

For the Moon we used black and white paint, Earth we used green and brown, Sun - red and yellow and Water - blue and white


We put some paint onto a tray to make it easier, then using our extra length syringe we sucked up some paint.

Now we squirted the paint into the bottom of a little bottle. While the paint was still wet we moved the bottle around so some of the paint will spread up the sides a bit.

We did this with one colour for each bottle

Then patiently waited for it to dry (overnight)

When the first colour was dry we did the above steps with the second colour for each bottle.

Again patiently waiting for them to dry!!

Our finial step was to write Earth, Moon, Sun and Sky onto the bottles with a permanent maker.


Ready now for little spiritual rituals!!